The Science Behind It

Traditional FUE

Each hair graft or follicular unit is individually extracted by making an incision around it using small circular punches, these hair follicular units are placed outside the body (For as long as 3-4 hours) and then re-implanted back into the scalp in the balding recipient areas.

Berkowits MaxGro FUE Transplant

Berkowits MaxGro FUE Hair Transplant skip step 3 and doesn’t require for the follicular units to be placed outside the body for long. Thus boosting the growth and survival rate of Hair Transplants, making it much more effective!

Berkowits DHT Technique

DHT or Direct Hair Transplantation Technique uses the same extraction method as FUE but uses a specially formulated ‘hollow pen’ for implantation. The major advantage of DHT is that it doesn’t require for the head to be shaved. It may however cause added stress to the follicle and result in longer surgery durations. It is recommended for Female Hair Transplants..

Berkowits Robotic Hair Transplant

It’s a breakthrough one of a kind technology introduced by Medicament, France by the name of S.A.F.E.R (Suction Assisted Follicular Extraction and Re-implantation) Robot and is well known as Neo Graft in the western world.
This patented robot adds various new dimensions enhancing the results and efficiency to the conventional manual hair transplant techniques. This procedure has resulted in vivid improvements to conventional graft harvesting techniques by providing controlled suction so that the hair root does not get damaged. It also opts for controlled pressure re-implantation rather than manual direct hair transplantation.

The Berkowits Advantage!

No Touch Implantation

Berkowits follows a unique method of FUE implantation that ensures the hair root is untouched and thus, undamaged.

HD HairLine

HD HairLinIt is crucial to ensure that a transplanted hairline mimics naturally occurring hairline. Our unique hairline pattern ensures the most natural hairline.

Transection Rate

Transection rate is the rate of graft destroyed during extraction. Our teams experience and skill ensures minimum wastage.

Although a minimally invasive procedure, it is not as straight forward as it seems. With years of experience and dedication, one can master this complicated process. Hair Transplant today faces the risk of being commoditized due to the sudden explosion of Hair transplant clinics all over the world. As a prospective Hair Transplant candidate, it is imperative that you understand the procedure and the parameters that make a good Hair Transplant clinic before choosing one for yours. Here’s all that you need to know about Hair Transplant (We advise seeing a hair transplant doctor for more information). Hair Restoration has gone to the next level with the introduction of Hair Transplantation. Big shots of the society including many celebrities and sportsmen are seen proudly endorsing the procedure on multiple occasions. In this procedure, existing hair is transplanted from a donor site to a recipient site i.e. the bald area. Speaking in layman terms, one could use the example of a plant; when transplanting a plant from one pot to another the plant is the hair and the pot is your scalp.

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Berkowits Customer Reviews

"Remarkable Hair Transplant Results happen every day at Berkowits. Here is the review of one patient who take Berkowits Hair Transplant Treatment. We include hair transplant photos, footage of the procedure, and an overall review."


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1. What is hair transplant? 

Hair transplant is a walk in walk out kind of minor surgical procedure in which grafts are implanted from the donor area (back of the head ) to the recipient area(bald area) to restore density and thickness of hair . 

2. What technique do we use in transplant?

We Provide Robotic Direct Hair Implantation, Maxgro FUE and Maxgro plus. The procedure we choose will depend upon factors such as your donor area, results expectation etc. A consultant will be able to guide you better.

3. What is the cost of hair transplant?

Hair transplant cost depend on how much grafts are required according to your scalp and donor area . A correct estimate can be given through looking at scalp pictures and a thorough consultation. We offer the most competitive prices on all hair transplant procedures and to top it all you have the option of paying by EMI at 0% interest.

4. How many surgeries have you performed till date?

We have performed over 7500 successful hair transplant procedures with a 98% success rate. Our team is highly experienced and has been with us since the inception of hair transplant at Berkowits

5. Which procedure is better? Maxgro FUE or Robotic DHI?

Robotic DHI is a better procedure as it involves suction assisted graft harvesting and extraction. The transection rate is less than 1%

6. How is maxgro FUE different from traditional FUE?

In maxgro FUE simultaneous extraction and implantation is done within 10 mins .Storage of grafts is not performed which significantly improves the life of grafts. The transection rate is around 10%.

7. How many grafts can be put in one go?

We can implant upto 4500 grafts in one go.

8. After how many days of transplant can one resume work or day to day activities?

You can resume day to day activities from the very next day. There is no problem medically.

9. What is body hair implantation?

If the extent of bald area is more and the donor area is not dense, some grafts can be harvested from the beard and upper chest area and implanted to the scalp.

10. How long does it take for the transplanted hair to grow?

Usually after the first three months when the shedding phase is over, you can see varying degrees of hair growth. Between 6 months to 1 year, your hair will grow thicker , longer and denser in volume. While it may take a while for the hair to grow completely, the hair that is growing is permanent and will continue for a lifetime.

11. What are tests to be done before hair transplant?

You will be required to go for routine blood investigations like

    • HB
      Platelet Count
      Blood sugar level (Random) ,HbA1C
      HBs Ag
      HIV I &II

12. Is hair transplant painful?

Thankfully, the answer is: no, a hair transplant is not a painful procedure. However, this does not mean there is absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. Even the most minimally invasive or benign medical procedures do have some degree of discomfort, and a hair transplant is no exception. The surgery is performed under the effect of local anesthesia which makes it very comfortable. Most patients report almost no pain whatsoever and describe a hair transplant as a very easy and somewhat pleasant experience.

13. After how long can one start shampooing  the scalp after transplant and what is the technique?

  • After 3 days of transplant – on the day of bandage removal

The technique is a little different from regular shampooing. Use only Johnson’s baby shampoo- dilute it with water, dab the shampoo (no rubbing). Pour water with hand no showering and pouring water with pressure. Johnson’s shampoo needs to be used for at least 1 month

14. After how many days can one wear helmet or cap after transplant?

  • Avoid wearing helmet for 1 month
    Normal cap can be worn after crust removal i.e. 7 days
    Loosely fitted surgical cap can be worn right after surgery.

15. Can we do oiling after transplant?

Oiling of the scalp should only be started after 1 month – not to be left overnight . Just apply before shampoo and wash.

16. After how long can I go to gym or do exercising?

Cardio exercises can be started after 1 month whereas weight lifting should be resumed after 45 days

17. For how long should drinking and smoking be avoided after hair transplant?

It should be avoided for at least 1 month

18. For how long does the shedding phase last post hair transplant?

Patient should be explained that by 2-3 weeks after surgery, many of the transplanted hairs may fall out and new growth will be observed only after 3-4 months of surgery.

19. After how long can a second sitting be planned for more coverage and density?

It can be planned only after one year.

20. What post-operative care is required immediately post hair transplant?

  • You need to take medications- Antibiotics, anti- inflammatory and analgesics to be given for 5 days

    Saline Spray- every 2-3 hours for first 2 days over   the recipient area to minimize the chances of   dehydration of transplanted grafts.

21. Main USP of hair transplant at Berkowits !

  • A full time hair transplant team which is always available for follow up and does not visit anywhere else

  • Creating a high density hairline in zigzag pattern which looks more natural and dense.

  • Good speed of the procedure

  • Minimal trauma to the root during extraction hence a very low transection rate.

  • Minimal trauma to the root during implantation as it is done by “no touch” technique.

    Best post-transplant care with hlcc collaboration and hair loss treatments.

22. Are there any complications associated with hair transplant? I have heard a few.

  •  It is a very superficial level surgery. Our hairs are in the upper part of the skin- epidermis and dermis. We are dealing with only superficial part so there are no chances of any injury to the brain or anything. Also the procedure is done under local anesthesia and is absolutely safe.

23. Can women also undergo hair transplant?

Contrary to popular belief, even women with hair loss can undergo hair transplant. Berkowits offers comprehensive solutions and a sensitized environment with trained staff to treat women suffering from female pattern hair loss.

24. What can I do to get an attractive hairline?

Hair transplant is a wonderful option not just for baldness but also to make an attractive hairline and enhance your look further. At Berkowits, we use highly advanced equipments to design and check the symmetry of hair line. A soft and a very natural look is given under the expertise of our hair transplant team.

25. How long do we need to take medications post hair transplant?

Transplanted hairs definitely do not require medications for a lifetime. They are permanent. However you do need to take oral supplements and topical medications suggested by our doctors to fully support the growth of transplanted hairs for a period of 1 year.

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